Meet Jeremy

I write my own quotes. Except this one. I obviously stole this one from somebody really clever.
— Brian Celio

Jeremy's Story

Jeremy grew up around music. And from a young age he showed a great interest and a tremendous talent. Growing up in a minister's home, opportunity often came knocking for Jeremy to make use of his love of music. Singing often with his family in church, and later playing instruments of various kinds, and even leading the music on Sunday mornings, Jeremy began to hone his skills and grow his love even further. 

By the time he graduated High School in East Texas, Jeremy was heading a band and playing in 3 others. He spent the next eight years playing full time with bands on the road. Jeremy spent those years learning, and playing with other great players - many of whom he still calls close friends today. 

Over the past twenty plus years, Jeremy has continued to hone his music prowess and has played or sang on numerous studio and live recordings. Recordings ranging from Christian and Gospel to Rock n' Roll and some in between. In 2009, Jeremy released his first ever solo album, God of Creation. This five song EP consisted of all original music and brought Jeremy into a new stage for his music career as he wrote, recorded, and released all of it on his own. The EP was released online and is still available for purchase and streaming through iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and more.

Now residing in Huntsville, Alabama, he continues to be involved in music in various avenues. Weekly he leads a band in a local church setting for Sunday mornings - And He can also be seen around town playing at various events and fundraisers. In his spare time he runs Jermophobe Studios, a Music and Video production company that is run out of his garage.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out his website. All music is available for purchase here or through digital download or streaming, on all digital platforms.